Saturday, October 5, 2013

-1 Anniversary

Yesterday, October 4, marked ONE YEAR UNTIL WE ARE HITCHED!!!

To say I am excited would be an understatement.

(My MOM did our engagement photos all around Baltimore in May--she is sooo talented. Such a rock star--love you Mom!)

In any case, this "almost" anniversary led me to feel really mixed feelings, actually. EXCITEMENT, of course. But it also made me realize how FAST life is passing me by. I am trying very hard to stop texting/emailing/facebooking/tweeting all the time and just LIVE MY LIFE WHILE IT IS HAPPENING. I am admittedly obsessed with social media, love staying connected to friends near and far, and I love reading blogs and connecting to new "blends" I've never even met. But, I need to realize what is right in front of me.

Last night, Sean and I celebrated our "pre-anniversary" lounging in our pajamas and catching up on Boardwalk Empire. At one point, he came over, gave me a huge hug and a passionate kiss, and said "I love you so much."

And it was at that moment that I realized that even though life is fast, and I am in awe and a bit sad at how my "childhood" and even "early adulthood" are gone, I am incredibly lucky. I have the most amazing man who loves me and supports me and doesn't just TELL me how much he cares about me--he SHOWS me. Each and every single day.

He supports my decisions. He is proud of me for my independence, for getting a higher degree than he even has, for working my butt off to get my new job (which I am loooving, by the way!). He values my opinion. He even asks for my advice, which we all know is hard for a man to do ;)

I'll stop the mushy stuff. All I can say is, I am so blessed to have this person to walk hand-in-hand through the craziness of life with.

I cannot wait to be Mrs. Cornwell next October 4!!!

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