Thursday, May 31, 2012

Anthem for Women

Anthem for Women

To the girl who is sitting at the bar alone
To the woman who is puking in the ceramic throne
To the one who is running until she wants to die
To the brokenhearted girl who can only cry
To the lady dressed in that short skirt and heels
standing on the corner and making deals
To the one in sweatpants hiding from life
feeling so depressed she puts her skin to that knife

To the girl who is staring at her stomach in the mirror
To the one who only wishes her skin was clearer
To the woman with the stroller and 4 kids who trail behind
To the one who talks on the phone in the grocery line
To the 5 year old in pigtails on the swings
playing so innocently, not knowing what life will bring
To the old woman sitting on her porch sipping tea
wishing she could go back and love the girl she used to be:

Let’s stop all the judging, the hating, the fights.
This world is hard, why add to the bite?
This is an anthem for women birth to death
Hold your chin up and take a deep breath.
That other woman with the perfect hair?
Maybe her life is filled with despair.
The woman with the stroller and the one on the phone
Maybe they’re so loud because they feel so alone.
We never know what’s going on inside
but as fellow women, have some dignity and pride.
Instead of whispering “Oh, what a bitch”,
let’s band together and make a wish:
That women can learn to respect each other
No matter our looks, our history, our clothes or skin color.

This is an anthem for women birth to death
Hold your chin up and take a deep breath.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Special Anniversary

One year ago today, I went on an awkward first date with a cute guy I met at the corner bar.

I tripped over a pole on our way into the restaurant. I was so nervous I could barely eat, and I didn't know what to do.

But then, we started talking...and the conversation just flowed. And so we stayed at the restaurant for hours...and then went to a local bar for some drinks...and more conversation.

One year later, and that random guy and I are living together, in love, and building a life. I have never been happier, and every day with him is better than the last. Now that I have experienced the feeling of being truly, wholly comfortable and in (real) love with someone, and feeling like they are a part of you that you finally found, I realize how much I was missing.

I don't necessarily think you need a significant other (boyfriend/girlfriend) to be happy and content in this world. And I don't even necessarily believe in "soul mates", at least not in the traditional sense. If I am being honest, I'd have to say my best friend Brooke is my "soul mate" in many ways.

But I do think that life is nothing without love, in whatever form. And I am so incredibly lucky to have found a man who is always there to dry my tears, ease my pain, and share my joys.

One year later, and we are heading to that same restaurant tonight to re-live our first date--but this time, maybe I won't trip on our way in ;-)

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