Tuesday, March 22, 2011

City Life

Thank you all for your lovely responses on my last post! I really appreciate your kind words!!!


So, I've been "moved in" to my apartment since Saturday! I've spent most of my time organizing/unpacking, exploring my neighborhood, and relaxing with Bailey the beagle and Amanda, my awesome roommate. We get along really well!

Yesterday, I took a visit to the Whole Foods by the Inner Harbor, and although it was depressingly expensive and I couldn't really afford anything, it was amazing. I also walked through Little Italy, and through my neighborhood to see which bars I'll probably be hitting up this weekend! ;-) It all still feels so surreal to me. It's only been a couple of days, so I guess that makes sense. But honestly, I love my new home, and I really think I will stay in Baltimore for awhile. I love it here. I am super close to my parents, but I am still far enough away that I can be completely independent. Also, I love the city! The water, the air, the sounds, the smells...all of it!


I just got a call from my boss today, and due to some issues with the HR department, I may not be starting my job until April 4th. I'm a little bummed, to be honest. My brother and my friends and roommate were like "oh that's so awesome, you'll have more time to just chill out and do whatever!", but I am ready to go! I need to make money to pay the bills, first of all. But I'm also genuinely excited to get started in my career. I'm sure once I start, I'll look back and realize how great it was to sit around doing nothing, though....

I am trying to keep myself busy with social plans, and also to keep myself accountable. I know I haven't really talked candidly about my eating disorder on here in awhile, mostly because things have been fairly stable. However, it is definitely true that moving out on your own makes it hard to stick to a meal plan, or at least a general schedule. I think it's hard for any person, but especially someone with my history. My roommate works nights, so dinners have been on my own. I stocked up on cheap/quick/easy to make foods that I also enjoy, like chicken breasts, lots of frozen and canned veggies, and rice or pasta dishes. So far, so good.


The man and I have a date tomorrow night! I offered to drive to him since he drove to me last time. Plus, he's a teacher and works early in the morning, so we can't stay out too late. I'm going to meet up with him at his house around 5:30 tomorrow evening, and then we're going to go out to dinner somewhere and then probably for a drink or two somewhere as well. I am so nervous every time I hang out with him because I honestly have never felt this intensely about a guy before. I want things to work out so badly, but I don't want to hold my expectations too high in case it doesn't work out. Can anyone relate? I know I should stop overanalyzing everything and just enjoy our time spent together, but it's hard not to wonder where it will end up going.


So, that's pretty much all for now. I am exhausted so I am going to head to bed!

What is your favorite city and why?

My "home" city of Baltimore is great, but of all the cities I've been to in the world, PARIS is my favorite. Hands down. No competition.

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