Thursday, February 17, 2011

7 Things I'm Loving Now

1. Lace Wedding Gowns (but don't worry, I'm not engaged. Just have wedding fever!)

2. Boys who can cook! (Let's just say my last-minute impulsive Valentine's Date with a new boy, J, was a great success. Chicken parmesan and red wine, anyone?)

3. Yellow diamond rings (sigh...someday....)

4. This amazing SPRING WEATHER! (It's 65 degrees and sunny today!)

5. My incredible new sister-in-law:

6. Dark chocolate (check out this article about the great health benefits!)

7. This video (which actually kind of makes me sad that this woman is SO misinformed and confused! But it still makes me laugh...)

What are you loving lately?


  1. 1) life
    2) NPR
    3) Yogurt
    4) Green tea
    5) triathlon training

  2. Love this post!!!
    That is a GORGEOUS wedding gown.
    Your Valentine's Day date sounds like it was amazing, I'm so glad! Keep us posted on J and his fabulous cooking!
    Have an awesome weekend girl!
    Thank you so much for your comments on my blog, by the way. They really mean a lot to me and always encourage and inspire me!

  3. I just went to a wedding where the bride had the most AMAZING lace wedding gown. I never knew how stunning they could be.

  4. bahahahaha i love that video clip :)
    i'm loving being home and eating ice cream with my mum, curled up on the couch, giggling at cute tv commericals :)


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