Saturday, September 8, 2012

Kitchen Remodel: Before and After

In this post, I mentioned the fact that Sean and I were going to attempt a tile backsplash in our kitchen--all on our own.

A few weeks ago, we finally took the plunge. Here's how it went:

First: We picked out these tiles from Home Depot For only $5 per square foot. Since our kitchen space was fairly small, this didn't cost much at all. 

This is what our kitchen looked like before--very BLUE. We actually used to have different countertops, but we got the granite put in earlier this summer and we absolutely LOVE it.

Then: Sean did most of the dirty work--the tiles are peel and stick, and then you have to grout after 48 hours. Here is a photo of during....

Third: Once the tiles were dry, Sean and I added the grout. This is a photo of the tiles immediately after putting in the grout. See how they look kind of dirty? You have to repeatedly wipe the tiles over and over while the grout in between them dries. It was very time-consuming, but we are all about saving money with DIY!

Finally: Here is the end result! I think it looks awesome. It really compliments the blue walls and the brown in the countertops. What do you guys think?

For about $150, our kitchen is totally transformed.

What's the last DIY project you did? Was it a success? Feel free to link to photos--I love a good home project idea :-)

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