Thursday, March 11, 2010

Off to Florida!

Just a quicky post to let you know things are going wonderfully with the boy toy! He visited earlier this week, and we have plans to go to the zoo and hiking next week during my Spring Break! School is also going well--got an "A" on my first paper and my first quiz :-)

And now, Mom, Dad, and I are off to PENSACOLA, FLORIDA for a wedding! My brother's best friend is getting married, and we are all invited since my bro is in the wedding. I am very excited to soak up some warm beachy weather and perhaps even catch the bride's bouquet! hehe.

I'll update next week with lots of photos. For now, here's a super cute one of me and the boy:

have a fantastic weekend :-)


  1. Pensecola? Hardly real FL. You have to get by Orlando for real FL. It was in the 80's yesterday. Really nice bright sunny sky.

    Have fun! Catch the flowers.

  2. oh this will be SO MUCH FUN because the weather here is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ohh im so happy for you have a blast! im about 3 hours from pensecola maybe less LOVELY place when you hit up the right areas!


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