Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Break Update

Happy Spring, everyone!

I am so relieved that spring is finally upon us. The weather here has been up and down (rainy and cold one day, sunny and warm the next), but I am just thankful that all of the SNOW has melted and that it seems like spring is finally here to stay!

Well, the wedding in Florida was incredibly fun. It was so nice to see my brother and his girlfriend--I haven't seen him since New Year's! And it was also nice seeing other friends I hadn't seen in a very long time. The wedding was beautiful, and Ryan & Emily, the bride and groom, were glowing with happiness. It was lovely.

Then, Monday through Thursday of last week, B came to visit me! We spent lots of time together and still managed to like each other, so I think that's a very good sign! We did a variety of random activities, like visiting the museums in Washington, D.C., hiking to a waterfall, and doing a historic walk and hike through Harper's Ferry, West Virginia. We also had a few nice meals out, and spent some time talking and getting to re-know one another. It was awesome, and I am so glad to have finally found a guy I really click with on every level.


Yesterday, I had a rude awakening as it was time for CLASS. Spring Break is officially OVER, ladies and gents! But that's ok. Today is my Daddy's 55th Birthday, so Mom and I are taking him out to dinner at his favorite--Bonefish Grill! Then, I baked him a cake, so we are going to come home and do cake and presents. One of the perks of living at home this semester is that I am able to be around for this kind of thing.

On Friday, I am planning on going to SU and having a GIRLS NIGHT with my friends. Then, Saturday, B and I are driving to his parents' house in the Pocono Mountains so I can officially meet them (and his 4 younger brothers--yikes!). Then, Sunday, I meet even MORE people at his family's annual Palm Sunday dinner at his grandparents' house in New Jersey. I'm a little nervous, but I think I'll be alright. Wish me luck!

I'll leave you with a couple photos from this past week, courtesy of B's camera (I have yet to upload my own!):

on one of our day hikes :-)

Harper's Ferry, WV


I hope you all are having a lovely start to your week. Take time today to do something nice for yourself. For example, I painted my toenails a lovely shade of pinkish/purple called "Plum Seduction" the other day. So, don't forget to pamper yourself, because as L'Oreal says, "You're worth it!"


  1. you guys are adorable! and i'm loving your advice, we are worth it! you look like you're loving life, i'm so proud of you girl :)

    ♥ lindsey

  2. Sounds like great times and you're such a wonderful couple!
    Congrats for your dad...I love Bonefish! Go there everytime I'm in the US:) (bang bang shrimp! creme brulee!)

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  3. so jealous about your spring break i want one soooo bad... never had bonefish!!!! i dont think we have one down here though. yay for your dad and someone you click with- that is a must in life!!

  4. I was So sad when my spring break ended, haha! :( ah, sometimes i wonder how I can do so well in school when I clearly don't want to be there.




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