Thursday, March 4, 2010


Long time, no post! How is everyone doing? I've still been reading, of course, but I had a busy busy weekend so I haven't had a chance to post.

So, where do I even begin?!

Well, Friday night I went with my parents to a charity ball at my best friend Brooke's church. It included dinner and dancing and a silent auction and was a lot of fun.
Brooke & I <3>

Then, Saturday afternoon was Brooke's sister-in-law Katie's surprise baby shower. It is their first son and they are very excited--due in April :-) Then, the real excitement began! I drove straight to Selinsgrove, PA to meet up with B and another couple I know for a double date!
B & I at dinner <3>

We went to BJ's Restaurant for dinner, where I had cornbread and a pulled pork BBQ sandwich (my fav!), and then we wanted to go see a movie. When we got to the theater, the next showings weren't until 10:30ish, so we had about an hour to spare. So, the other 3 suggested heading over to Friendly's for ice cream! At first, I was like whaaat, but then I realized you know what? This is what being normal means. This is what normal college kids do! So, we went to Friendly's and Ben and I shared a mint cookie chip sundae with whipped cream & chocolate sauce.... yummy :-)

Then we saw the movie "The Crazies", mostly because Amber really wanted to see it. I'm not really into that sort of movie (horror/zombie/violent), but it was still fun to be with B and just enjoy the night. After that, B came back to my apartment with me and we snuggled and watched a movie together, and slept in each other's arms. It was perfect.

Sunday, we slept in a bit, and then B took me out to brunch at a local place. I got an egg & cheese sandwich on an english muffin with a side of fruit salad and 2 cups of coffee! Then we did various little things, like shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond and Target, going to the car wash, and buying wine from a local winery! Then B showed me his place and introduced me to his roommates, and we watched Canada beat the U.S. in Ice Hockey at the Olympics haha.

Then, Sunday night, B and I went grocery shopping together and then he came to my apartment and cooked me a delicious meal of pasta with chicken, mushrooms, cheese, onions, and tomatoes. Plus garlic bread and red wine.

cookin' up a storm!

It was superb. The weekend ended with us sleeping together in my cozy bed, then waking up together, and then the sad part--saying goodbye.

I am honestly in shock about how well things are going with this guy. He is perfect for me in every way. We laugh together, have intelligent conversations together, and I feel comfortable talking about my ED struggles with him and know that he is here to support me, not judge me. B is coming to visit me this Sunday and Monday, and I honestly cannot wait!

In other news, I had another weigh-in and was shocked to find out I had LOST weight. Honestly, I felt like I ate so normally and naturally this weekend, but obviously it wasn't enough. My body is wacky and needs MORE than the average person, so I need to remember that. My parents were not pleased with this news, and my mom is threatening to take me out of yoga, etc. So, I am going to work very hard this week to make weight gain my number 1 priority.

Well, I hope everyone has been having a great week, and I will post again soon :-)


  1. Hiiii! i'm so glad to hear you had good times since your last post. sometimes when your body beings to realize it's being nurished again, it speeds up it's metabolism. do not worry, it will all balance out. you are doing amazing and i love seeing the pictures. you are so lucky to have such a great man in your life! til later!-Amanda

  2. Aww you sound so happy and you both look great together :-)
    Just remember to look after yourself, people with eds do need to take in that bit extra, your body still isnt just totally right yet. Keep enjoying yourself!

  3. coco i am so happy for you! i am so happy that you can find love for yourself in your life and that b and you can built this relationship together!
    have a wonderful weekend


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