Friday, August 20, 2010

My Week in Summary (oh yeah, and the Giveaway Winner!)

It's just after 10:00 on Friday evening here in Maryland, and it's been a rather relaxing and non-stressful week--for the most part.


First, I'd just like to thank everyone who gave me their long-distance relationship advice and entered my giveaway! I really appreciate the advice, and I took each comment to heart. In terms of my online chats with P, I am just letting things unfold naturally and trying not to have any expectations. It's weird because I've known him for about 7 years, but I always knew him as my brother's friend. But now that we've been talking pretty much every day, I realize how much we have in common. He is intelligent, sweet, and has a hilarious sense of humor. So, for now, since he is in Japan and I'm in the U.S., I'll have to just stick to online flirtation. But maybe when he comes back to the states for Christmas we'll go on a real date and see what happens...

So, remember in my last post when I said that I went to Birdie's Cafe and ran into a guy from high school that I hadn't seen in awhile? Well, I ended up going over to where he was sitting and we chatted for awhile before I left. I gave him my number in case he wanted to meet up sometime before I leave for school and he leaves as well--to move to California! I really didn't expect to hear anything back. Well, the next day (Wednesday), I got a text from him saying he would love to meet up sometime. So we texted a few times back and forth, and he suggested going to a movie either Friday or Saturday. So, I texted him back saying to call me and we'd work out the details. Well, it is now Friday night....and he hasn't called. Or texted.

What gives? Does anyone know what is up with this?

I often get frustrated with technology in the dating world because I feel like people hide behind it. Perhaps this guy is just shy. But it just seems weird that he would text me with a definite plan to see a movie, and then not follow through with it, even when I expressed interest! So frustrating...

And as for B, the recent ex, things are as good as can be expected, I suppose. We talked on the phone once and he was really upset and wanted me to give him another chance, but I stood my ground. Then the next day he texted me telling me he was over it. Typical B. His emotions are always up and down. I think he is trying to be tough. I feel awful about upsetting him and hurting him, but I do not regret my decision to break up in any way. I am ready to start the semester (I move into my apartment in 1 week eeeek!) with a totally clean slate.


So....the moment you've all been waiting for! The winner of my giveaway!

........drum roll please.......I picked a number AT RANDOM via's online random number generator and the winner was:

#11: suburban prep/Maureen!

Maureen, please send me an email and I'll put you in contact with the lovely people at CSN stores who will give you your gift certificate code worth $40!

Thanks to all who entered, and I'll hopefully have another giveaway for you all soon, so stay posted.


  1. Sounds like you've had an intense week! I'm really proud of you for standing your ground, and for trying to meet new people. I admire your courage and strength. Perhaps you could give the guy a text to see whats up. Sometimes guys play hard to get too and they do things like that ^ to push your buttons.
    I hope you have a great week Coco.

  2. dang it! i didnt win! lol congrats to the winner!

    some guys (and girls) do hide behind technology.. but maybe hes busy trying to get ready to leave and forgot- hopefully he called you yesterday to make up for it!


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