Friday, January 7, 2011

It's a Goal(d) Mine

...Sorry for the cheesy post title. I guess my Dad's sense of humor is rubbing off on me since I moved back home:

In any case, let's get to it. As promised, I am going to show you my goals I had for 2010, and how I fared. Then, I will share my goals for 2011!

Ok, drumroll please........

Goals for Recovery and Life in 2010

1. Graduate from Susquehanna University in December 2010 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology (check!)

2. Get to a healthy weight for my body and maintain it (check!)

3. Add moderate exercise & activity to my schedule without abusing it (working on it…half check!)

4. Make peace with food and learn to eat intuitively (almost there…half check!)

5. Stand up for my beliefs and know how to say “no” when appropriate (still a battle)

6. Love and appreciate myself from the inside out, and to make my physical & mental health my main priority (still need to remind myself of this daily)

7. Enjoy friendships with others & participate in more spontaneous social activities (TRIPLE CHECK!)

8. Tell my family I love them each and every day (check check check!)

9. Take a trip to a place I’ve never been but have always wanted to go (visited Ryan in San Diego AND went to the Outer Banks, so I’d say this is a check!)

10. Continue to read and write for pleasure as often as possible (reading has been successful lately. Writing, not so much…)

11. Take at least 15 minutes every single day to do something to calm myself (light a candle & meditate, take a walk, paint my nails, yoga, etc)… (this needs to carry into 2011 for sure)

12. Develop a stronger sense of spirituality & a connection with a higher power (sadly, not a check.)


2011 Goals


· Remember: I am my #1 priority.

· Practice saying “No” when appropriate

· Accept myself as I am without trying to change

· Be confident in my intelligence, beauty, and ability as a human being whether I am in a relationship or not

· Set aside 15 minutes per day to do something completely calming for myself, like journaling, taking a bubble bath, or reading for pleasure

· Read at least 1 book per month (12 per year)

· Do something social at least once a week (drinks, lunch, coffee, etc.)


· Maintain a healthy weight for my body & a positive relationship with food (food is fuel, & it is meant to be savored & enjoyed in moderation)

· Run a 5k or 10k for a good cause (TNT?)

· Breast Cancer Walk (Washington, D.C. in May?)

· NEDA walk (look into this)

· Yoga at least twice per week (Saturday 9am class w/ Mom, video podcasts/DVDs on my own)

· Wear sunscreen/moisturizer EVERY DAY!


· Get a steady job, preferably in my field

· Put at least 20% of my paycheck each month towards an apartment fund

· Save $20 per month to put towards retirement/savings

· Give $10 per month to a charity (NEDA?)

· Learn to manage my money & budget (and time!)

· Move into my own apartment by January 2012


So, there you have it. We'll see how many of those I can achieve. As you can see, some of them (like taking 15 minutes a day for myself or to be social once a week) are carried over from last year, but that's ok.

I know this is like beating a dead horse by now in the blog world, but:

What are some of your goals for 2011?


  1. yayyyy you're do amazing! i'm so proud of you!!

  2. congrats on all your accomplished goals! You must have felt so good when you wrote all those out :)

  3. congrats on so much you've accomplished in 2010!!!!! Keep working hard and you've got it all :)

    ps- my blog is no longer private

  4. Wow coco I am loving this post!
    Maintaining your weight and getting your degree are wonderful achievements and I think you can be s proud of yourself for getting there!
    I hope by the end of 2011 you will be as happy with what you have achieved than you are this year!
    loads of love

  5. I think it's awesome that you earned your degree, especially with the interruption of an ED! Way to conquer!!! I nannied on and off throughout high school, college, and grad school--all total, I spent 4 years of my life as a nanny. It's a great skill to fall back on (not everyone can be a nanny!) and the people you nanny for can serve as surprisingly awesome references when you get those "real job" opportunities, so rest assured that you ARE working towards your financial/professional goals, even now! I wish you success as you keep pursuing your goals this year! It seems like you did a great job last year :)


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