Friday, June 11, 2010

Does this Dress Make Me Look Fat?

"This dress is cute, but it would look a thousand times better if my legs were smaller."

"This shirt would be SO cute if my boobs were bigger."

"The only thing skinny about me is my chest!"

"Everything looks awful on me today...I feel so fat."

"Does this make me look fat?!"


Those are just a few of the comments I overheard while trying on clothes in the dressing room of Marshall's today (my brother gave me a $50 gift card for my birthday--cha-ching!).

Upon exiting the fitting room and seeing the girls and women who were saying these things, I realized something:

They were all completely and utterly WRONG. These were attractive, healthy, beautiful women. Two of them were going back and forth building each other up while simultaneously breaking themselves down. It was like watching a painful tennis match:

"Ugh, I look so fat."

"You?! What about me? This shirt looks awful on me."

"Oh please, I wish I had those boobs."

"Oh whatever, what about my fat legs?! I'd kill for your legs."

...and on and on.

I found myself getting increasingly frustrated. I really wish I had said something to them. I also immediately went into my purse to see if I had some sticky notes and a pen so I could post an Operation Beautiful note, but I didn't have any post-its.

Note to self: BUY POST-IT NOTES ASAP, and keep a pen with me at all times!

Anyway, I know body dissatisfaction is hardly a rare occurrence among women, especially in our society, but today it really got to me. I wish women would be as kind to themselves as they are to their friends.

Would you tell a friend she was fat, ugly, worthless, and disgusting???

Didn't think so.

Maybe we should start treating ourselves with the same dignity and respect. After all, we only get one body, so we might as well embrace it.


  1. Great post! Sometimes it's hard to comprehend that we view ourselves so much differently thant others do!

  2. i just found your blog and i looove it! this is an amazing post and there is such truth in your words. you are beautiful, just the way you are. don't compare yourself, don't question yourself, don't change yourself.


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