Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Change. Embrace It.

Not sure if anyone follows the blog Not Salmon, by Karen Salmansohn, but it is filled with inspirational phrases, photos, and quotes to brighten each and every day. I highly recommend it.

This one really caught my eye:

Not only does it fit the "autumn" theme and the coming of the new month of October, but it rings very true to me. The world is constantly changing, you and I are constantly changing, and everyone around us is constantly changing. Change is scary, but it can also be a good thing.

This image is also a great accent to the October Yoga Challenge I am participating in with Courtney. To me, the challenge is not only about evolving physically, but also mentally. Yoga is very much a mental and spiritual experience, which is why it is called a "practice". I intend to do a follow-up on Friday about a few things I have noticed thus far (last night was my first yoga session of the month!), most of which are mental rather than physical.

But more of that on Friday. For now, think about the changes you have made in your life, and the changes you have yet to make. Some may be positive, some negative. But no matter what, accepting--and embracing--change is when the beauty can come in.

What changes have you made so far this year?
What changes would you like to make by the time 2013 rolls around? (3 months remaining--go make it happen!)

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