Monday, October 8, 2012

October Yoga Challenge Recap: Week 1

Last week, I posted about the October Yoga Challenge I decided to join when Courtney mentioned it on her blog in this post. Read more about it and grab a button for your blog!

Basically, my goal is to spice up my fall workout routine with 3 yoga sessions per week. There are no rules for this challenge--I don't want to put too much pressure on myself because I am moving in a week, have alot of family and personal stuff going on, and am just all-around busy at work and in my home life. But yoga is a great way to work our bodies and calm our minds, so I decided to give this challenge a go.

This week, I ended up only completing 2 yoga sessions at home. But you know what I realized? That is okay. I did the first one after a really stressful day at work last week. I got home and was about to plop on the couch with a snack (or a drink!) and zone out in front of the TV, but instead, I mustered up the energy to throw on my yoga pants, unroll my mat, and it.

And you know what? It felt amazing. Not only did it feel great to stretch and move my body after sitting at my desk all day, but by the end of 30 minutes of posing, breathing, and stretching I felt rejuvenated. Calm. Happy.

I did the same thing a few days later with a routine I found in my latest copy of Yoga Journal (which I highly recommend--lots of great at-home practices and inspirational articles), and it felt fantastic.

This week I learned that exercise, particularly yoga, is about way more than just keeping in shape physically. A yoga practice is a great way to keep our minds focused and aware. It is a wonderful outlet for me and I am so glad I decided to join this challenge!

Check out Courtney's weekly recap here.

Happy Monday, friends! Today has been the craziest work day I have had in awhile...I'm sensing more yoga in my future ;-)

Have you joined the challenge yet?

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