Friday, September 3, 2010

College Life

Oh, hey there.

Sorry I haven't been consistently posting, but for the first time since my ED, I've actually been living the dream. Staying out late, sleeping in, and eating delicious greasy college food.

...And drinking my weight in alcohol. Which a year ago I never would have allowed myself to do (too many calories and blah blah blah).

Last night I worked until midnight and still managed to have a great time afterwards. I've made so many new friends, and gotten closer to old ones as well. I've had so much fun since I moved in, and this is only just the beginning!

I think it's finally starting to click for me. Food doesn't have to be scary. It doesn't have to be the enemy. If I want an apple, I'll eat an apple. If I want a piece of cake, I'll eat a piece of cake. It's all about balance, people. Instead of depriving myself of the things I like, I'm learning to indulge in them--in moderation. Try it. Seriously. I used to be SO afraid that if I ate one cookie I'd eat the whole box. But that's not true. Our bodies know what they want. And if I do end up eating a few too many cookies (such as during an evening of drinking)? Oh well. It's not the end of the world.

Food is losing its power over me. I finally feel like I am moving on with my life again.

This weekend, take a moment to sit down in a quiet, calm space, and reflect on your life as it is right now. Make a list of 5 things you are grateful for. Even if everything is in shambles and you feel lost and alone, I guarantee you can think of something. It can be as simple as "the sun is shining today" or "i like the color of my nail polish" or "i made my bed today". Even the little things in life can be powerful.


  1. Oh, Coco, you made me so proud and so envious. "Staying out late, sleeping in, and eating delicious greasy college food." That's so totally awesome!!! That's exactly what I want to be able to say about myself. To just completely LET GO and LIVE, not analyzing every action and limiting myself to only safe things. I am SOOOO proud of you!!!

    You are an inspiration!


  2. nice!!!!! thats what school is all about :) the hard work of classes followed by living it up!! :)

  3. I love this entry!!! And I'm so glad that you are getting to enjoy yourself at school :) Isn't it great! It's amazing how much fun it can be. I'M SO PROUD OF YOU.


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