Monday, September 6, 2010

Super Senior Year Ain't So Bad

Greetings, Friends!

Here are some photos of my new life here at SU:

my room

common area (before we made it more "homey" with posters, etc)

kitchen/breakfast bar

me & the ladies before going out on saturday night!

out at a party

...and this picture sums up my mood all weekend :-)


Now, it's back to the daily grind for my second week of classes. Tonight I work @ the coffee shop from 9:30 until closing, so it will be a late night. That's ok--as long as I'm getting paid, right?!

I just got back from dinner in the caf & had the most random mix of foods: steamed broccoli, a sweet potato, baked chicken, and some veggie soup. I am trying to work on variety in my diet, and I am trying to choose things that I wouldn't ordinarily choose or that I don't have often (like the sweet potato). It's still a process, and I'm still learning, but I'm starting to be a lot calmer before, during, and after mealtimes. Blogging right now also helps.

Also, I went grocery shopping today and bought more of those delicious dark chocolate-covered banana babies that I love, as long as some other random staples, like granola bars and pretzels.

My goals for the month of September are as follows:

  • reach my goal weight (almost there!) and maintain it

  • slowly re-introduce exercise in a healthy manner

  • take time every day to do something for myself

  • keep up with my studies without getting too stressed out

  • allow myself to have fun (but not too much fun! haha)

What are your goals this month?


  1. It looks like you had fun!!! I almost took another year...right now I'm wishing I did....but its too late to turn back--my diploma is printed. lol

    take care and keep up your healthy habits!!!

  2. whooo.. that looks like so much fun! im glad you are enjoying your time at school! your room looks so cute! :)

  3. Hi Coco!

    Your room is so cute! I'm glad that you have a comfortable, homey place to be. I love how you are going out with friends and having fun! I totally want to try those banana babies...or maybe I could try a homemade version.

    My goal for this month is to pack foods to eat throughout the day...and then to actually eat them! Take care!


  4. Your room looks great, Im glad your settling in and enjoying yourself.
    Those sound some wonderful goals to aim for, remember you can do it!
    My goal this month is to control my eating and learn to branch out more.

  5. Your room looks so homely, and it looks like you're having lots of fun!
    Love your goals too, can't wait to see you achieve them. My goals for this month involve listening to what my body wants and taking care of myself... doing one thing each day to show my body respect :)

    x Hannah x
    (new blog)

  6. Hi Coco! Hope you remember me, it's been a long time since I commented :O

    My goals:
    -let go of calorie counting!
    -Hug my mom at least once in a day
    -Do a few things that'll make my dad happy because I hardly see him :(

    I love your room, so clean!! New goal: clean my the end of the month?


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