Saturday, October 30, 2010

Party Like Dr. Seuss

Hello, lovelies!

As this is my last Halloween weekend of my college career, I have decided to go ALL OUT.

Last night, my friend and I were Dr. Seuss' Thing 1 & Thing 2.

The originals:

Our "cuter" version (I'm Thing 1):

...and here's a couple more pics, just 'cause I was rockin' my new bootay ;-)

We danced, we drank (way too much), we ate, we flirted, we danced some more, and we had the best time ever.

It was worth every hungover second. Went to bed at 5:30 am, got up at 1:00pm. Ate lunch at 2:00pm. I feel like such a lazy college kid...and i love it.

Going out again tonight. This time, the new boy interest and I are doing a "couples" costume. I'll post photos tomorrow, but I'm not telling what we are dressing as.

Here are 3 clues:

1. Polka dots
2. Sweater vests
3. Sneakers

Can you guess what "couple" B & I are going to be tonight???


  1. Your night sounds fantastic, and your costume was awesome!!!!!! I'm glad you had a blast- college Halloweens are the best, I'm glad you went/are going all out! I'm glad that things are going well with B! I'm bad at guessing, but I'm sure the couple you're being is gonna be amazing.

  2. Your costumes are adorable! You look so healthy and happy!! I'm so glad that you were able to enjoy yourself! Congrats on staying strong <3 :)


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