Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Recovery Means...

Recovery Means...

Suggesting that your parents take you out to dinner on a random Monday night...and actually looking forward to it

Baking muffins, cookies, and zucchini bread for your friends and family...and actually partaking in the eating of said baked goods.

...and licking the batter during the baking process of said items...

...and perhaps eating a cookie fresh out of the oven for the simple reason that it smells delicious, looks delicious, and you must taste-test your baked goods before feeding them to your loved ones, right?

.... Right!!!

Recovery means...

Buying new (larger) jeans, and looking at yourself in the mirror in the dressing room with admiration of your round booty and toned legs, without a hint of disgust.

Coming home and purging all of those old "sick" clothes from your closet...and feeling oddly satisfied about it.

Ordering a martini at dinner and having an extra piece of bread from the bread basket, simply because you feel like it.

Stepping out of the shower and meeting eyes with yourself in the mirror.

Recovery means...

Socializing with friends, even when it doesn't fit your "plan" for the day...like when someone calls you at the last minute wanting to meet for coffee...

...and you order a slice of fresh-baked banana bread with your coffee, simply because you want it.

...even if you've already had your "snack" that day.

These are just a few of the things recovery has slowly given me.

What does recovery mean for you?


  1. I LOVE THIS! especially since I just made cookies, ate one fresh out of the oven, started feeling guilty, decided to check blogs to distract myself, and now I feel great after reading yours. thanks for the inspiration :)

  2. I agree with Emmy! So motivational and has made my Tuesday! Recovery for me (well at least one) is going for a run not to burn calories or get lean but because I want to and not care about pace or speed.

  3. Woot Woot!!! LOVE this post, Coco!!! Good for you for finding the joy in food again and being able to do all of those things! I've been doing most of them, too. :-) I have only started to find JOY in recovery recently, and I'm so glad I've finally gotten to this point.


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