Friday, June 5, 2009

good morning!, afternoon...

Woke up later than expected again today. I think my whole family is getting sick because we all just feel so blahhh lately.

Just wanted to thank the lovely ladies who commented on my post! It makes me feel SO much better knowing that I'm not alone in this. It's hard for me these days because my friends don't really understand my issues at all and wonder why I can't just "go back to normal" like I used to be, but I'm realizing it's not that simple.

However! I made myself some kickass eggs and cereal and a yogurt parfait this morning, so I'm pretty content.

I'm hanging out with Brooke tonight. Brooke is my best friend since we were little. She is a year younger than me and we grew up 3 houses down from each other in the same neighborhood. I love her to death, and I feel like ED made our friendship weird for awhile, but I am vowing to bring things back to normal because I don't know what I'd do without her!

Maybe I'll post some pictures soon of me before ED, now, and my friends. And my dog and cat! 

I'm gonna go read my book and perhaps do something random and artsy, like make a collage from old magazine clippings. 

Later, friends!

P.S. I am very jealous of many of you because your blogs are so pretty and filled with tons of pictures and fun things. How do I spunk my page up a bit? I'm pretty computer illiterate at times!


  1. This community is always here for support (:

    Totally relate to the weirdness in friendships caused by ED...ick. I think it's time we all fix that!

  2. Hey girl--Thanks for the kind words! I appreciate it. Im excited to read your blog + hope you enjoy the community!

  3. hehe I totally feel you on the "pretty blogs" front - I know some HTML adn stuff but I have no idea how to go about making my page all pretty and fancy.

    I try not to talk about my numbers very much - I got to a really low weight, but I have gained up to about 103-105 pounds as well though (I'm almost 5'9". Even if we still have far to go, it is good to feel good and proud of the progress you have made.

    It is true - you can't just snap out of an ED. BTW you might want to consider tracking your calories to make sure you get enough everyday. I know, its a habit that needs to be broken, but for weight restoration it becomes a necessary evil. Your metabolism will speed up and you'll have to eat a lot more than you may realize. I have to eat 3600+ to gain half to one pound a week, and I still get weeks where I don't gain. Metabolism is a crazy thing. And when you recovering from a starvation state, it actually takes more than what an average person would need. Just something I learned the hard way - if you don't keep track when you get to higher caloric needs - its really easy to end up not eating enough during the day. It sounds like you are doing good, but it might help you feel more secure. I dunno.
    Take care and enjoy your weekend lovely.


  4. I just came across your blog, I am totally here for support, girl!
    I can relate to you about how ED can make friendships very weird. But as you get better, you will have the confidence to fix those up. I am already mending up "weirded out" friendships with people. It feels great to know that people are there for me!
    <3 have a relaxing Sunday,


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