Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ask Me Anything!

Hi! Thanks for your support on my emotionally charged and confused post from the other day. I am copying off of a few other bloggers, like Amy from Coffee Talk, and I made one of these:

So, ask away! You can do it anonymously if you'd like. But please, try not to be negative, k?

Anyway, I'm heading to the grocery store before class to pick up some essentials because apparently a BLIZZARD is coming my way! Yikes!


  1. Blizzard??!! Oh my!! Better grab some supplies asap :) things like that never happen here, haha.

  2. hey i just found your blog! i am from maryland too! i was born and raised there and moved to mississippi at age 21. im recovering as well. i heard from my friends yall were gettin smacked! where do you go to college at? i went to frostburg


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