Sunday, July 25, 2010

Banana Babies!

Thanks for your advice on my relationship woes. I have yet to come to a conclusion, but I definitely think communication is key. Any further advice would be greatly appreciated.

On another note, I wanted to share something amazing with you! A new Food Lion opened a few miles from my house, and yesterday my mom & I decided to stop in. In the frozen section, I found these little babies:

All I can say is, Diana's Bananas dark-chocolate covered frozen banana babies are incredible! Each one is tasty, delicious, and nutritious! The perfect dessert. Just thought I'd share the love. Has anyone else ever had these, or something similar?

What is your favorite summertime dessert? Besides these babies, I enjoy fresh seasonal berries with whipped cream.


  1. I just discovered Blue Bunny mint-chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches at my work the other day. DELISH. I love mint choco chip ice cream, but I really don't eat a lot of it so I hate buying the whole gallon when I know it'll be hard for me to finish (and I'm the only one who likes it). But a 6 pack of ice cream sandwiches is far more doable.

    2nd favorite: I love having cherries or a sliced peach or nectarine in cool whip, or in a crepe w/ some nutella. (or, now that we're 21 - I suggest a lemon drop martini)

  2. mmm i love mint chocolate chip ice cream as well! i will be looking for those sandwiches...and ah, yes, the joys of being 21 and experiencing delicious mixed beverages! never had a lemon drop martini so i will be sure to try one soon

  3. Favorite dessert?.. Hmmm I havent had desert in ages.. probobly cherry garcia icecream..

  4. Thanks for the great shout-out, from all of us at Diana’s Bananas! So happy to hear that you love them as much as we do! And, just a quick note, they are still on sale at Food Lion until August 3 if you need to stock up. Enjoy!
    Susan Burns
    Social Marketing, Diana’s Bananas


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