Friday, July 16, 2010

Leaving Bright & Early

The past 2 days have been sunny and beautiful! And HOT!


I just wanted to post a little farewell, as I'll be sans internet for a few days. That's right, folks--I'm leaving tomorrow morning BRIGHT & EARLY for North Carolina!

The boy is picking me up and then we are driving the 7 hours to get there! Maybe we'll stop off and do some random sightseeing along the way.

I will be there until Tuesday evening. Don't miss me too much ;-)

Do you like having internet access on vacation, or do you enjoy taking a break from technology and "unplugging" for a few days?

I definitely am hooked on the internet when I'm at home, but part of the experience of vacation and "getting away from it all" is to limit my computer and phone usage! I'll stick to my old-fashioned book-reading while I soak up the sun :-)


  1. Hi Coco!

    I hope you have an amazing trip! I definitely like to go without internet while on vacation. It's definitely difficult to tear myself away, but I think it's healthy to do so because it gives me more time for other relaxing activities. I look forward to hearing about your trip!


  2. oh hayyyyy pretty thing. i think it's good to be unplugged for awhile. i hope you have a great vacation! you deserve it!

  3. have fun on the trip! that sounds like so much fun, i say go without the internet for a bit, its good to unplug!!
    i did it before, its a beautiful thing lol, although maybe i wont the next time - im not sure i can live that long without my emails!

  4. I think I'm officially and permanently plugged in, no matter where I go >< It's easy to always be on the computer - both of my parents are programmers and see nothing strange about having a laptop become a bodily extension.
    Everyone needs a break though - what better place to have one than at THE BEACH! Have an amazing time!


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