Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 Goals

So, when I first sat down to write this post, it was going to be similar to last year's post on my 2011 goals and 2012 changes, where I vowed to "give up" goals in 2012. But then, I thought about my life, and realized that I have a lot of things I'd like to accomplish, especially because halfway through 2013 I will celebrate my 25th birthday, something that always used to feel so far off. I looked back on my 2010 goals for fun, and then came up with a list for this year.

Without further ado:

2013 Goals

Health & Fitness:

Schedule yearly check-ups for Dentist, Primary Doctor, & Gynecologist (I have been putting this off, and it is not good!)
Add more fresh fruits & veggies into my diet (I tend to go for frozen/canned because they are easier and often cheaper, but there are so many fruits & veggies I enjoy, and so many new ones I’d like to try!)
Sign up for (and run!) a 5k (I have been wanting to do some sort of race for years, and my 25th birthday this June is the perfect motivation to just DO IT)
Work out more regularly, incorporating yoga, strength training, & cardio (I do some yoga & strength training, but I have fallen off the cardio bandwagon big time…and it shows in how my clothes are getting wayyy tighter)
Get more sleep! (I struggle with this one. I tend to stay up too late, and I need to remedy this stat!)
Drink less alcohol and more water (This has been particularly hard because of all of the holiday shenanigans. Between Thanksgiving, birthdays, Christmas, and New Year’s, my liver is NOT happy with me. It is sooo easy to have a glass of wine—or three—after a long day. But it is a habit that I need to break, at least during the work week.)

Educational & Professional:

Make it through my first year of Grad School alive! (That’s about it…not that I want to set the bar low, but I truly just want to give myself a chance to re-acclimate to the whole “school” thing again after 2+ years off.)
Start looking into Human Resources internships while maintaining my full-time nanny position
Set more solid goals about what specific aspect of Human Resources I am interested in (which will likely become easier once I start exploring courses in the program)


Spend more quality time with Sean and be the best partner I can be (A lot of times we’ll be on our various electronic devices, and we need more face time. The Scrabble board game he got me for Christmas has helped some, as we have been playing several times a week and just chatting. We also tend to eat dinner on the couch, usually at different times. I’d love to do at least 2 sit-down meals together per week.)
Be more patient, kind, and understanding of others (I tend to get frustrated with little things like getting cut off on the highway, or someone taking too long in line at the grocery store…I need to slooow down a bit.)
Spend more time with my friends (Life tends to get in the way, and I want to make it more of a regular thing than once every couple months like it has been lately.)


Pay for school without taking out a loan (I already paid for the first semester out of pocket—go me!)
Manage to save at least $100 each month (This seems feasible to me, though it may be more or less depending on what’s going on each month.)
Go out to eat less often so that we have more money to save or spend on other things (We get lazy and eat out or order carry-out, so even substituting one meal out with a meal in will remedy this one.)
Have enough money to take a small trip (we are thinking a 4-day weekend somewhere fairly close, unlike the week and $1000+ we spent last summer at Cape Charles, even though it was awesome) this summer 

So, there you have it, We'll see how these all go. If I can improve in half of these areas, I'll be happy!

How do you feel about "New Year's Resolutions?" Do you set goals each year? If so, what are some of your goals for 2013?


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    1. Thanks! I am just keeping in mind that I'm not a failure if I don't accomplish every single little thing. It's all about balance :-)


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